From Idea to First Version


Your guide to building your first AI product. For non coders, visionaries and those who want to use tech for good.

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So you have an idea. Your idea involves making an AI product. You don’t know how to start or if your idea can be made.
Because you’re not a technical person. And yet you need help building your idea.
What if you can get really clear about the first steps to building an AI product?
What if you know that you can build your idea and it has merit?
What if you have the process to begin to develop your idea today without knowing how to code and launch your first version of your app?

You’re uncertain about how to go about building or starting your idea using AI to make a social impact. It seems daunting not knowing if your idea has potential or what the challenges could be.

You know you’re capable of actually building your idea, and it has merit. You don’t know how because you are not a technical expert.

But what if you’re really clear about the first steps to building your idea using AI today?

You know you need help building your idea. Yet, you can know the process to begin to make your vision happen.

Follow step by step to take any idea to reality with my e-book. Learn about all the components, including data for AI. Apply the process for building an AI tool all while still doing good for society. Master what you need to know about AI to build your idea.

You’ll learn how to launch the first version of your app or feature using a custom-built AI model..

Just skip learning how to code and buy my eBook. You’ll be able to build your idea using AI for social good with total certainty right away.

Well, you can. With my e-book, you will get a clear direction of how to build your idea. 
You’ll LEARN … Step by step to take any idea to reality.

* What are the resources you need and where to find them
* How to follow a checklist for building your AI tool
* How to apply AI practices while still doing good.

Read 99 pages from front to back to build that product you have envision.

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